BEN KALISHEngineer & Musician
About Me
Hey. I’m Ben. I’m a software engineer and electronic music producer. I value simplicity, ingenuity, and compassion. I enjoy writing efficient software that just works, and inventing tools for unique and specific use-cases. I’m passionate about light, clean web design, and creative, innovative software that helps musicians do what they love in new and exciting ways. When I’m not clicking and clacking, you can find me making music, doing yoga, studying Torah, or concocting one of my world-renowned cocktails or stews.
Fade Delay
Make your sounds echo into spaceC++, JUCE
Fade Delay is a standard audio delay plugin built around a unique feature: The ability to decrease the stereo width of the echoes as they repeat. This is designed to create the perception that the listener and the source are moving further away from each other in space.
Traktor Keyshift
Shift the key of your entire DJ set with one buttonMax MSP, Javascript
Keyshift is a Max MSP application for gradually and evenly shifting the pitch of multiple decks in Traktor in sync with the master tempo. This app acts as a robotic DJ assistant, turning 4 knobs simultaneously to pitch your whole set into a new key.
DJ Sets